6) Dream on a shelf — OTL. Interesting read on the insides of big money sport. More as a human interest story than financial deep-dive.

7) What makes us happy? The Atlantic. An ongoing *72* year study of 268 men at Harvard college probing the factors that make some men happy, and others miserable.

8 ) The secrets of self control – The New Yorker. Self control, a topic that’s always fascinated me, is really well-discussed here.

9) When underdogs break the rules – The New Yorker. Why do people pick fights they know they are going to lose? I love the underdog and those who face long odds bravely. But I struggle with understanding the masochism of confronting a foe in the manner in which you’re at a known disadvantage. Find your advantage, right?

10) Geithner and the gilded age – NYTimes. Good read on Geithner, who as Treasury Secretary, is now one of the most important people in the world. Both fascinating and depressing. Try not to throw up in your mouth as you read about his best friends on wall street.

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