One of my favorite things to do with a couple of stray hours is to go sit in a theater and watch a movie. Growing up, there were few things I looked forward to as much. Past few weeks I’ve watched a bunch…

Slumdog Millionaire is an awesome movie. It’s a movie about growing up in the slums of India and is a great holiday movie. Go see it. For those of you who have seen Slumdog, and liked it, I have just the thing for you. Go buy/borrow A Fine Balance. One of the best books I’ve ever read about outcasts in India. But, be warned, for as amazing a book as it is, it’s going to depress the hell out of you.

Benjamin Button is also an awesome movie. If you liked Forrest Gump, you’ll love B Button. (that’s my best Amazon recommendation impression). There are a ridiculous amounts of similarities between the two– shrimp/lightning, breadth of historical coincidences, mothers who shape the main character’s lives, a love story that defines life, and like 10 other things. Anyway, this is an awesome epic of a movie. It might be movie of the year, but I haven’t really thought enough about it to say that.

Seven pounds is awful. I’m a little queasy even thinking of things to write. So don’t watch it.

Did you like American Beauty? Go see Revolution Road.

Now go buy A Fine Balance. You won’t regret it.

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