We’ll likely here more and more from Bobby Jindal. He’s the Indian-American governor of Louisiana with a very impressive background. Rhodes Scholar, President of the U of L system before 30 and governor at 36. He’s a Republican. He’s a great marketer: “Bubbas for Bobby” was his campaign to get white southern males, a constituency which was likely his hardest to gain, to campaign for him.

Newsweek gives him some high-profile treatment. Worth the read.

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  1. I am not a big fan of Bobby Jindal and I think he'll run into the same problem that Sarah Palin did: he will not appeal to moderates.

    Pro-life, against gay marriage, in favor of intelligent design being taught in schools, etc.? No thanks.

    As far as being on a national stage, he is ready and will be very impressive in the national spotlight. Palin was not ready, nor will she ever be as far as I can tell.

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