Romney has a good op-ed that cuts right to it. Here’s another great one.

While that’s sad, it at least gives you hope for the future. This just freaks me out.

Sigh, this and everything else seems to be going wrong in the country/world. I’d ask for it to end, but these days when I say that, I worry that it will all, actually end.

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  1. I am rooting for Obama to hire Romney as an economic adviser. As long as he doesn't let Romney touch social/domestic/foreign policy issues, I would be happy to listen to what he says about economic issues.

    At the very least it would help Obama to form his "team of rivals" and give him a dissenting opinion on most of the Democratic economic policy initiatives. It would also go a long way toward shoring up the "moderate" vote in 2012 when they realize that he listens to opinions from the right and left.

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