It’s classic. We’re going through one of the worst economic crises that our nation has seen in decades, and the media is talking about lipstick on a pig comments and other total crap.

If there’s lipstick on a pig, it’s the lipstick the Fed is trying to put on the pig that is Wall Street. After years of zero regulation, and allowing the broker / dealers to leverage hundreds of billions of dollars in instruments even they didn’t understand, we potentially face the collapse of the global financial system.

While this is going on, all we can talk about is whether John McCain is being too mean to Barack Obama or if Obama was sexist with his lipstick on a pig comments. How about we ask them what the hell they’re going to do to try and salvage our economy. Their plan for the financial system? How does it differ from the current Fed “plan”? Nah. Who wants to hear about that?

Rome burns, and we change the channel. We’re too busy watching Jerry Springer, a little NFL, and some of the “highlights” of the election. Yeah, go ahead and ignore the fact that Lehman just filed for bankruptcy and Merrill got gobbled up. Nah, that won’t affect us.

This is nuts.

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