The blog has some new digs. For those of you reading this via RSS/feed reader, click to come back to and check out the sweet new look.

Props go to Ben for doing another killer layout. He’s done some great layouts over the years– here, here. But I think this is his best work ever. Hire him if you can afford it 😉

Since this is such a great look, it’ll inspire me to post more. I’ll now start the 26-year march to making this a 25,000 subscriber blog.

3 Responses

  1. The new look is pretty cool. I like the blown up caricature. Also, how did you turn from an "reality TV star" to "was on a reality show" that quick?

  2. Aside from the killer layout, I like how the page title changed – "surya says too much". Hahaha!
    I'd heard about Ben Bleikamp before – I just forget where I'd heard about him 😛 Glad he helped make your blog look pretty though.

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