Great article in The New Yorker on Iraq through the lens of the story of General Petraeus. What’s interesting in this article is that it reinforces the notion that neither of the “official” narratives of the political parties is correct (things are great– we must stay the course OR we have to bail immediately– that’s what is best for america). This is pretty much must read material.

Like it or not, what happens in Iraq has massive financial (budgetary), human (soldiers), and security (terrorism) concerns for the future of America. The fact that no one talks about it anymore is fairly disturbing.

P.S. Weirdest moment of the weekend? Listening to an interview with VP-nominee Palin on CNBC where she repeatedly refers to the war in Iraq as a war for oil. Wait. What? There are so many things wrong with this, I actually don’t know where to begin.

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  1. Wow. All I gotta say is that now the Democrats have a reason to be scared. It's one thing to say that Palin's speech at the RNC was written for her – this is an interview. She may not have the experience – but she can talk and is smart. She makes McCain look like a blithering idiot. This really changes things IMHO. At least she is honest enough to call the war in Iraq what it really is. She has more backbone that Bush ever will. This is going to be very interesting…..

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