I’m looking for something like this that explains McCain’s positions. When I find, will post.

NYT Mag: Obama on the Economy.

Good stuff. Any good long McCain articles? Please send them over.

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  1. Too bad they couldn't understand your way of leadership on the apprentice.
    Everything you said was true, you only lost once since you went to Arrow corp and you made them winners.
    I think Frankie was a bit cocky and could see that he and James wanted you out from the start.
    They always have to attack some one when they lose, just like Trump said that when you were winning they all loved you.
    All the best in the future Surya and hope you can appear on a future apprentice just like Omarosa did.

  2. I do hope you find one soon, Surya. With the current VP choices going around, I'm *really* starting to wonder what McCain's real agenda is…

    Mike: No, I wasn't being sarcastic, I did think your hope-change analysis on Biden was funny. And thanks for the extra interesting tidbit on Mary Kopechne.

  3. McCains agenda is the agenda of all politicians.

    To Win.

    Only thing is he actually tries to do it with some sense of dignaty and honor.

    Unlike some ohters who break ties with their 20 year old pastors cuase it suites them politically and refuse to particapte in public fiancing even though they sing for it.

    That kinda disgusting petty partisan politics only lead you to get the nomination of todays democratic party 🙂

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