It looks like VP choices will be announced today or Monday. Cell phones will be abuzzing with text messages, I’m guessing, today. Since it’s almost certain that I’ll be royally disappointed, I thought I’d chime in once again on what I’d like to see.

Barack Obama should choose Chuck Hagel.

John McCain should choose Joe Lieberman.

Why? Because the problems we need to address– how to best strengthen our fiscal infrastructure, rebuild our industrial base, safeguard America against threats, rebuild our physical infrastructure– are all non-partisan issues. If they continue as they’ve gone, as polarized positions to be argued by each side to win elections (or to be used against one another if even brought up), we will all lose. A bi-partisan administration will almost certainly form true centrist positions that wouldn’t be used as political weapons, but instead be crafted and evaluated on policy instead of political merits.

I’m hoping that America catches a break with the selection.

Fingers crossed,

P.S. How would I wager it’ll end up? McCain-Romney and Obama-Biden.

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  1. Obama chose Biden, apparently.
    I have absolutely *no* idea who that is.
    *goes to rid herself of ignorance by researching*

    Good prediction, Surya 🙂 Any thoughts on this team-up?

  2. I have some thoughts Megan!!!

    Strap on.

    JoeyB is a romancatholic millionare from the east coast who leactures the rest of us on how we should live with our money.


    Hes been serving in the senate for about 30 years since he was 29 years old.


    He ran for prez in 88 and 08 and lost both, in 88 there was a scandal about him lifting his speeches from other politicians.


    He voted for the war in Iraq.


    At the end of the day what this says is that Huessien is no different form any other politician and his nonsense about hope and change are just more about recyclable diapers.

    All he cares about is winning thats why he didnt sign the ethics reform bill in 07…

    Thats why he chickend out of public financing…

    And thats why hes doing the slick willy thing of putting his finger to the wind and picking a cheap political hack as his veep.

    This is some com-E-D!

  3. Mike: I find your comment positively hilarious. xD

    But yes, based on my readings as well into Biden, I'm curious as to why Obama chose him aside from the experience factor – it almost seems as if they are polar opposites with their viewpoints.

  4. MeggyMEG!

    Do you really mean that about my comments being hillarious? =D

    If so, your gonna give me an ego lady!

    Or maybe your just being sarcastic? ;0

    Either way Thank you =D

    I'm reminded of a great joke that I remember Kinky Freedjew saying during his run for governer of texas about the definition of politics…

    Poli: Latin for lots
    Tics: Blood sucking creatures…

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeloooo Joe Biden :P)

    Who's son has been a lobbyist for 15 years. yay!

    Its no suprise that 4 of the most senior senators some serving in excess of 40 years…. are all… wait for it… wait for it…


    The party of Change!

    Who at the same time steam rolled a geinune agent of change like Paul Hackett from Surya's neck of the woods.

    We dont need to start on those redneck, racists, oilrich, jesus loving, homophobic Republicans being blood suckers either cuase thats just preaching to the choir in places like this 😉

    But it is humorus to see how *cough* registered independents *cough* cant point out 2 things wrong with the dems accept to maybe to say they fight too much within the party as oppsed to the GOP.

    Anyway it was the political action of doubling down for Huesian to pick JoeyB who voted for the war in Iraq 😉

    MeggyMeg with out googling it, I was just wondeirng do you know who Mary Joe Kopechne is?

  5. JohnnyMac/PrettyPalin…


    We now know which ticket will bring change in washington DC really is.

    This will be a day long remembered.

    It has seen the end of identity politics monoplised by one party and it will soon see the end of the BarryOhussien.


    MeggyMeg any comments?

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