Nike’s always been known for their kick-ass advertising. When I was at P&G, we regularly studied Nike’s work because it was among the best out there of embodying a brand’s essence. W+K has done it again with the new Nike spot: Courage. Most of you probably saw it this weekend during the Olympics. When I saw it for the first time I was transfixed. Each time I watch it I get pumped up. Nike is, hands down, one of the best marketers out there. W+K, once again proves they know how to appeal to one’s heart. Reminds me a lot of Adidas Impossible is Nothing (one of my favorite ad campaigns of all time).

And check out the Nike site for a ridiculously cool “timeline” that flows with the video. It highlights who all of the people are while the video is playing, and when you click on the name, they give you the background of why they were selected. This, to be clear, is what good advertising looks like. Though it’s a little easier when you’re marketing a mindset than a utilitarian packaged good 🙂

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  1. It was a bit fast-paced for me, but I like how they related some of the sports scenes to other stuff (eg. cheetahs, buffalos running, etc).

  2. Its amazing what paying Turd world people 3 dollars a day can do for the companies bottom line much less their marketing deptarment!

    Propgandization FTW!

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