Generation Kill is an awesome show. It’s four episodes in on HBO Sundays. From The Wire boys, the show features razor sharp dialogue, beautiful cinematography, and great acting. Here’s the nutshell:

Written by Evan Wright for Rolling Stone magazine (this is not just based on a true story, it basically is the true story) it’s follows the soldiers of Bravo company during the initial invasion of Iraq. It paints an incredibly human story– at times it seems anti-war, at other times pro-war, but always high on the incompetence and bureaucracy of organizations. And, did I mention the dialogue is sick? Oh, and the reason I’m posting this is because every time I rave about the show to someone they’ve never heard of it. This is crazy. Watch it and tell everyone!

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  1. What the heck, March 2003? We never had this in my country. *feels cheated*

    It certainly does look like an interesting show!

    By the way I read the Batman articles – really crazy stuff. It's interesting how they related Joker's case particularly to acts of terrorism – after all, Joker was originally just your generic supervillain bent on causing chaos and terrorizing the public, which is pretty much what "terrorists" do. Although it's interesting to see how they relate Batman's predicaments to Cheney and even Bush, I thought that was kinda stretching it, hehe – after all, I think it's always been a moral dilemma of the character of Batman on whether or not to cross the line in dealing with his villains.

    One line that sticks out to me was the one stating that Bush saw a need for Osama to "feel threatened" (in a paraphrase, I forget which article it came from). It kinda annoys me how he, and McCain, seems to insist that America must be some sort of superpower. I mean, yes, America is one of, if not the, most powerful countries in the world, but I don't think anyone needs to resort to force – it can either intimidate or infuriate, and even induce them to retaliate (yay rhymes). It's kind of like a "we-know-already, stop-rubbing-it-in" sort of thing 🙂

    Like it said in the Generation Kill clip: "It's destiny – white man should rule the world!" xD You're right, the dialogue *is* sick.

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