dear wall street journal,

It’s not you, it’s me. Actually, that’s a’s totally your fault. No one ever means that line, do they?

WSJ -you’re one of the last major papers that actually matters. New York Times. Wall Street Journal. USA Today. Only the national brands will definitely survive no matter what happens with the rest of the newspaper industry.

Anyway, let’s get back to why I’m writing you: Europe. The European edition of the WSJ is super-sweet. It’s more compact in pages and measurements. It’s a convenient size to carry around and read about town. This shouldn’t be brain surgery: Newspapers should be convenient. Especially if you want them to be a part of your readers’ every day lives. So a few suggestions:

– shrink the dimensions for easy reading.
– cut down on the content a little bit to make it something that, if you really had a lot of time, you could actually read the whole thing.
– less articles per page, so that you can actually finish an article on the same page that you start it on. Newsflash: fumbling with the paper to continue reading is a giant pain.

That’s all. I love the articles. The reporting. The conservative balance to the NY Times. But you’re terribly inconvenient.

P.S. Unless your plan is to drive all of us to the or the kindle. if that’s the case, my bad– good job making the physical product suck!

5/27/13 – These days, I get the WSJ delivered. But I still wish they’d shrink it. Crazy.

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