PS – This is a great long article about the Chevy Volt  worth reading. If nothing else, it’s a different perspective on GM.

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  1. Surya: I didn't know you left. Anyway, good luck in all of your future endeavors.

    And I have to agree…….

    "The Wire" is the best show on TV.

    Eric Moore

  2. The article is not exactly accurate, but that does not surprise me. The EV-1 was never a 'commercial flop' because GM refused to sell it – only lease it. How could it be a flop? The leasee's were clamoring to buy them, but GM crushed them all. Also – it is not true that the EV-1 did not have battery technology to deliver the speed and range – the second generation EV-1's did. In fact it delivered pure electric performance that has never been seen since, and do you know why? The battery technology was bought by Exxon and has not been released. Now Exxon is releasing Ads touting a 'new' battery technology that they are working to introduce. I smell a rat, or is it oil? Not to knock the Volt – it seems like a good concept and will likely work well, but let's not be fooled by the games that the oil companies play to make sure every last drop of oil is still useful and purchased for automobiles until there is no more and they conveniently have the technology to offer alternatives.

    Yeah I'm mad. We are pawns and we pay the price, while they look good.

    …end rant 🙂

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