dear world,

holy crap.

I look out the window as the bus drives down the 101. I look out over the Bay and while the water calmly rocks back and forth, it carries a strange orange tint. The sky is completely blanked with grey fog and likely mix of smoke since so much of Southern California is currently on fire. Through the small breaks in the flog, clouds and the smoke, I see a sky and looks a dark red. For the past three days, I’d swear that the sun has changed colors. California burns.

Inflation runs rampant: Near double-digits in many parts of the world. Food prices soar. Gas is god knows how expensive. The financial markets tanked yesterday. Crude oil hit a record high a few minutes ago. I keep hearing that phrase “Great Depression” more and more. Will people starve in the streets?

I’ve excised my comments on the 2nd amendment ruling yesterday. I’ll just say it was linked to this great article. I know you’re busy, world, you know– fending off the total collapse of consumer confidence, hyper-inflation, fires, etc, but you should read the article. Especially good reading for fans of the Wire since it’s a Burns interview. But where are our priorities? Where’s the outrage?


5/27/13 – This was a weird time. That’s my only real memory of it. Just reading the news filled me with dread. I saw such darkness coming. This weird, creepy entry actually sums up that feeling well.

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