dear media,

I once was sad for you. I wondered what the impact would after you were gone. We’ve been predicting your demise for well over a decade as everyone said “new-media” was going to kill you. Once upon a time, I was terribly sad for this.

I worried about who would fill the void for responsible journalism. Reporting on issues that matter: Going deep and digging into things beyond the banal and superficial.

Over the past six months I’ve been paying attention. I’ve watched nightly newscasts, read the headlines, etc. And? I’m nauseous. You’ve forsaken us.

Here’s a tip: There is a war going on. I”m not asking you to take a position, I want you to freaking report on it. Report on the big successes that occur. Report on the deaths. Report on the injuries. Report on the heroism of our soldiers. Report on the true costs of war. Report on the people in Iraq helping us. Report on the sectarian violence. Report on the contractors and the unprecedented private nature of this war. For the love of god, please, just…report. Here’s a NY Times Op-Ed. This is the must-read piece of June.

I think generally, the public would rather not think about the things we find unpleasant. We don’t ask for the coverage. And, very graciously, you oblige by not providing it. But where we’re sending hundreds of thousands of Americans matters. Where we’re spending hundreds of billions of dollars matters. Yet, you wouldn’t know it since the war is apparently “old news.”

You’ve savaged your responsibility yet again. This goes perfectly with reporting on the trade deficit, the budget deficit, the state of education system, inner cities, the pathetic war on drugs, our crumbling national infrastructure.

You sicken me.


5/27/13 – I have zero expectations for the media now.

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  1. Theres nothing to report on if there is only good news coming from there…

    There are no more carbombs or american soliders getting snipped at to show how bad the GOP was for funding that mess!

    And I mean that is why the dems took over both houses and promtly passed 3 war funding resolutions 🙂 since promising to end the liberation of Iraq

    So whats the point the achieved their goal which is to convince the morons of the world that they actually wanted to do something different than waht W had the balls to do since day one 🙂

    I guess we could focus on who Lara Logan is doinkin now 🙂

    I close it with Saint Cindy ShameHen running for congress!

    Cause your party sure didnt stop anything!

    Viva La Resistance!

  2. Oh yes, the media pisses me off too. In recent months, it was amazing how Obama-centric CNN actually was, if you read between the lines…or should I say, listened between the words?

    Oh, and that Where the Hell is Matt video… ABSOLUTE LOVE @_@ The single most amazing and touching thing I have ever seen.

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