dear jeff van gundy,

Thank You. I’ve watched so many playoff games recently. I’ve been enjoying it, but most of all it’s reminded me how terrible so many of the announcers on TV are. That is, all of them, except you.

So why am I such a fan? I mean, after all, I thought you were the devil when you coached the hated Knicerbockers. But I just heard you describe Detroit’s defense on Ray Allen: “Did you see that!!!?! You would get arrested in New York for less than that”. Good stuff.

You’re also the only announcer who consistently calls BS. I hate watching a game when one of the announcers says something absurd and stupid. I’m talking Bill Walton-caliber-stupid. Most announcers pause, try and process what they just heard, and let it go. Not you. You raise your voice in exasperation and say “WHAT?!” and totally call them out.

You sir, are the voice of the people. And I appreciate it.


5/13/13 – He’s still pretty good.

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  1. I have watched every playoff game this year, too. I have never liked the NBA, and I still think the regular season is 50 games too long, but watching the playoffs this year has been a lot of fun.

    Also, interestingly, I've been enjoying the Stanley Cup finals – I've always thought the NHL sucked, but watching hockey in high-definition and seeing young players like Sidney Crosby has made it a lot of fun.

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