In Vegas staying at the Wynn. This trip prompted a couple of random thoughts:

Flew Virgin America. It’s actually a pretty great airline. Their employees are shockingly friendly. The flight attendants actually sound excited to be flying on a VA plane, and it rubs off. The colors make me feel like I’m in a club, I can text other seats to bother co-workers, etc. All-in-all, a very different experience from dealing with disgruntled traditional airline employees, crappy planes, and late flights. Having said all that, I don’t get how anyone makes money flying airplanes. Here’s one industry that could use a little collusion. What other industry goes into bankruptcy en masse every decade?

The Wynn hotel is sweet. It’s across the street from Trump’s new gold-laden tower. Whenever I stay in a nice hotel I always have the same thought: “I wish I could live here.” I’m still shocked that someone hasn’t built one of these in the NY’s, LA’s, SF’s, etc and sold /rented units. A lot of 20/30-somethings would be happy to have a small space w/ a nice bathroom, that is an efficient use of space. No kitchen, dining room, etc is fine. Among young professionals, I’ve always seen a wish to recreate freshman year of college. (I share it.) Anyway, I think that business idea would kill. So if there are any rich people in Asia or the Middle East with a ton of extra money you’re no longer putting in US treasuries, and would like me to build this for you, say the word. Sovereign wealth funds are also open to apply to work with me and my zero experience developing property.

5/27/13 – Sort of. Microstudios are finally becoming a trend. Or so I’ve read.

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  1. virgin is fantastic – just flew to seattle with them last weekend. i love how they've taken the opportunity to reimagine everything down to the smallest of details. some favs: the entertaining safety video, the lighting, the fact that you can ONLY pay by credit card. not to mention the obvs like the pretty killer media/entertainment console.

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