I’ve been delinquent with blogging!

Life in SF is good. Maybe that’s why. I’ve been running around, have broken my regular blogging routine, so it was easy for that to deteriorate into zero updates.

I’ve spent most of my free time working on the book. I’ve got what I feel is a great outline and structure (which is an awesome feeling!). I’ve now shifted into a hardcore writing mode. What helps with writing is music. And not just any music, but ideally music without words, but still with powerful energy.

Enter NIN.

If you haven’t checked out Nine Inch Nails’ new album, Ghosts, you have to. It’s amazing. No vocals. Just amazing instrumentation and production. I love the pictures they’ve embedded along with the songs as well. At times, just literally looking at the image and listening to the songs gives me goosebumps. Ridiculously powerful stuff. My writing is definitely fueled by this.

Making it better? NIN is giving away part of the album, and then only charging you $5 if you want to download the whole epic set. $10 gets you the immediate download AND an album in the mail.

Brilliant music. Brilliant pricing. Brilliant photos. This is how you build a brand everyone loves. Based on this experience, I now count NIN as one of my favorite bands.

You, go download it!

Me, going to go back to writing now.

5/27/13 – I was addicted to this album. I listened to it daily. It’s on my iPhone right this second.

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  1. Yes, the new NIN album is great. If you're interested in some more more modern instrumental music, I've got some good recommendations for you, Surya. The band Tortoise is also very conducive to writing, especially their album TNT. In addition, I have a feeling you could probably get into the focused intensity of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Will gladly pass on a taste of some of my instrumental collection.


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