While I love reading books, I share in the common struggle to find the time. Given this tension, I’ve found myself sticking more to in-depth magazine articles as a happy medium. The New Yorker, New Republic & The Atlantic most commonly have articles I enjoy. The Wall Street Journal, US News & World Report, Time, Newsweek, NY Times, Fortune– the more mainstream magazines/newspapers also, from time to time, have some of these long ones.

In a given week I’ll spend a decent amount of time surfacing these in-depth articles, but it’s always been worth it. And since I’ve never found a source that regularly tries to capture and share these gems, I’m going to do it. I hope this will be a weekly event where I’ll post links and maybe some thoughts. Let’s see what happens.

Warning: the very reason I enjoy these pieces– the detail, and nuance of the portraits they paint — mean they’re super-long.

Here goes:

The New Yorker: Great profile on Elliot Spitzer, the man, and his first year in office:

The Atlantic: Obama, Clinton, and Baby Boomers.
What does the prospect of an Obama presidency say about America? What would it mean for America and world? Incredible article.

5/27/13 – Now there’s LongReads.com and a few other friends. Good stuff.

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  1. The articles are long, but never boring. I just want to say, I'm impressed with 'suryasays'! I was reading Tim's blog (yes, the very Tim from Apprentice), and he had mentioned something about the integrity band you always have with you. I've of course watched the season, and I truly think the fact that you stuck to your personal ideals throughout is truly something impressive. Cheers, Surya 🙂

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