Today I got a phone call from a magazine fact-checker. It’s for an article having to do w/ex-reality TV people…

Him: spell your name
(me): S-u-r-y-a Y-a-l-a-m as in monkey-a-n as in nancy-c-h-i-l-i

him: can you confirm that you were on the TV show, The Apprentice?
me: yes.

him: can you confirm it was Apprentice season 6.
me: yes. The Apprentice LA…also known as season 6

him: can you confirm that you met, talked to, and rapped with Snoop Doggy Dog?
me: haha. yes, i can confirm that.

him: can you confirm that Donald Trump said “fo shizzle”?


5/27/13 – I think this was Cincinnati Magazine.

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