Things are going really well. I’ve found a place to live. For those of you familiar with the Bay area, I live in Cole Valley, near Golden Gate park. I’ve now been at work for 1.2 weeks and I love it so far. It’s a lot of fun being part of a really fast-growing company that’s still working on figuring out the path. The weather in SF is pretty amazing. It’s moderate all the time in a 50-70 degree range. You got to love that. The traffic pretty much sucks. But I guess that’s to be expected when you live in a place that everyone else wants to live in too.

And so, I’m pretty well settled. And my uneasiness with the move and all that could go wrong is pretty settled as well. I feel great, and feel that taking this flying leap off the cliff was one of my smarter decisions. So what’s next? Here’s the plan:

1) Continue to get settled and explore San Francisco. (I’m expecting guests starting in January, so I better know the city by then!)
2) Start writing the book again. I saw my friend Dave last night and he got me thinking about the book again. I’m hoping to crank out another chapter in a few weeks here.
3) Take some kind of classes. I’ve wanted to take spanish classes forever so I might do that. Or acting. Or piano. Or cooking. Or photography. Anyway, I want to take one of these.
4) Start blogging more. I’ll hopefully do more regular posts, and more posts talking about the marketing landscape. Now that I’m not at P&G anymore, I feel more free to comment on different ad campaigns, etc.

I’m on the company shuttle now headed back to the city. At least I’m working on #1 tonight…I’m having dinner with a friend at a new restaurant in the Mission.

I can’t wait for my boxes with my possessions to get here tomorrow. That will officially put the transition behind me. It’s settled. I love SF!

5/27/13 – Six years later, I like all those goals. At least I finally finished #2 in 2012.

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  1. Congrats on the move. Glad to hear you're settling in.

    Next time you're in the Mission looking for a bite, check out the best vegetarian burrito in the city at Taqueria Cancun.

  2. Glad to see you're hitting the ground running. Me and the fam are well, I'm loving it actually. Work is on the up and up, so no complaints (for now). Peace.

  3. well, Nightwing… I guess Surya is very busy right now, otherwise he would update his weblog and answer all emails as he said . I´m getting disappointed . I dont even know why I am wasting my precious time trying to understand this guy or trying to extract from him some brand acknowlegde. you know what…I need to focus on business and family issues instead of being here. As we say in german: dieses Kerl ist ein Zeitverschwendung!!! Or in spanish: esto mozo es un residuos de tiempo!!!

    Bonne chance Surya!

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