I got on a plane from JFK yesterday afternoon and after two hours on the runway, and six in the air, arrived in SF.

It still feels like I’m just visiting. Like this is just another one of the many trips that I’ve taken in the last few years. I’m not sure when it’ll feel real. But not yet.

Today I took the train around the city. I talked to a bunch of random people. Living up to it’s reputation as a world-class city, I met someone from Madrid and Iceland. Just randomly. Another guy was as stand-up comedian from NY. My good friend Sara had told me this: One of the things that I’d love most about the West was that almost everyone you meet is interesting. So far so good.

Still working on finding a place to live. Once that’s wrapped-up, I’ll consider the transition over and life to have resumed. And I’ll resume my regular reflections, etc.

I also have cool pictures that I’ve taken recently that will be posted. But anyway, I’m alive, staying on my buddy Ray’s couch, exploring the city, looking for a place to live and everything is pretty interesting and good so far. More soon!

5/28/13 – So much of what we perceive to be externally driven is actually internal. Yes, there are a ton of interesting people in SF. But the reason I was coming across them at this point was because I was open to it. Being in a new place, I wasn’t stuck in my own world, I talked to strangers, I asked for directions, I was just open to it all. That happens when you’re new to a place – as a transplant or a tourist. It’s one of the reasons I love travelling. You’re open to so much because you bring much less of you along.

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  1. Moving across country for a new job and life is always stressful and full of anxiety and fear. I'm here to tell you that this will be the best move you have ever made! I think that it's exciting that you were willing to let go of all that you had and bring your 10 boxes to San Fran. Letting go is one of the hardest things to do.

    We are excited that you are on board, excited about our future as an organization, and I know that I can speak for the Omaha office…when I say…"get ready world…here we come!"

    When you come to Omaha…you have to take my yoga class! Have to!!!

    Just my 2 cents…


  2. I loved reading this post, because it took me back just a short 6 months ago, when I made the move from Dallas to NYC. Exploring the city, talking to new people, etc. So great. Nothing but positivity can come from your move and I have certainly found that to be true for me. I have always admired the risk-takers and those who would not accept the 'safe' route and it funny how they are typically the few that are rewarded handsomely (and I am not talking just financially). Good for you man… the sky is the limit!

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