Moving is a trip. The emotion spans the gamut from ‘scares the total crap out of you’, to ‘day-dreaming about everything that’s ahead.’ A pretty big spread.

Change is definitely scary. I’m no exception. As I realized this week,  I’m going through a lot of change.

1) Leaving my job (of ~5 years).
2) Leaving behind many good friends.
3) Leaving the city that I’ve lived in for equally long.
4) Moving to a brand new job, in an entirely “new” industry.
5) Moving to a city I know nothing about (and don’t even have a place to live yet).
6) Leaving behind the comfort of my all my stuff. (I had no idea how much this mattered until now)

So that’s actually a lot. It weighed on me for part of the week. When you’re stressed about all that stuff, you end up focused on really random worthless things which end up stressing you out more. But by the end of the week, I was good again. It was really weird having my last day at work, but once that happened (and I got over the strangeness of it) everything became real. I’ve been packing today and hope to be done by late tomorrow night. I’ll head to Jersey on Tuesday or Wednesday morning. I’m flying into SFO on Saturday afternoon and that’s that. Depending on how many boxes I have to ship to the Bay, I’ll either take them with me to NJ and ship them from there or ship them before I leave. Oh yeah, I still haven’t nailed down where I’ll send those either. I’m thinking I’ll split them among a few different friends’ homes.

Oh, and today is the last night I get to sleep in my (ridiculously amazing) bed. Tomorrow that gets moved. In a few hours my sofabed gets picked up. Everything disappears…

So it’s crazy. It’s exciting. It’s unnerving. But that’s the thing about adventures. It wouldn’t be an adventure if it didn’t scare the total crap out of you first.

5/13/13 – I’ve moved sooo much since this. Crazy.

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  1. Surya, I felt the same thing when I moved. You get the rush of excitement when you put in the 2 weeks notice and all your friends are congratulating you. Then a couple of days later, it hits you that you'll be leaving the city, the friends, the coworkers you've known for the past X years to take on an unknown adventure. But once you've settled in your new place, you'll be very glad that you did.

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