Have you ever thought of your life in acts? I have. I’m about to start act iv in my life and it’s exciting.

Act I was growing up. I’ll end this at freshman year in high school. Without going into a ton of detail (maybe that’s another post) let’s say that like most driven people, a lot of what fuels me today, likely had roots here. A ton of angst, confusion, and all that crap.

Act II was finding that first foothold. It goes from sophomore year in high school to college graduation. An incredibly exciting, happy time in my life where I grew both literally (a foot in height!), and metaphorically, as a person. Along the way I found some things I was good at and starting to stretch and find success.

Act III was moving for the first time to Ohio for work at P&G. The period is defined as much by the incredible experience of learning at P&G, and the –amazing– people there as it was by the deep search within myself for what I wanted to do with my life. It was pretty intense at times, but in the end very, very worth it. A lot of amazing things happened to me during this act, I got to learn so much about marketing, about myself, about growing up, and I even managed to film a TV show along the way ; ) So I’d say Act I and III would have the dark ominous tense scenes of inner-conflict, brooding, etc. Act II was mostly all good times. Anyway, Act III ended last Friday.

Act IV is about to start. I made the decision to leave P&G on Friday and move to San Francisco to work in Silicon Valley. This is indeed the start of a whole new chapter in my life. For so many reasons. This is exciting because while this can seem like a no-brainer, I’ve always had a 1,000 reasons why I couldn’t just go to work at a start-up. Act IV is exciting because aside from the whole moving West like so many generations have in search of fame and fortune : ), I’m also taking control of my life. I’m not letting the weight of my past dictate my decisions and (slowly) doing things that I would have thought were crazy years ago. Stay tuned…

I’m excited. I’m hoping to write a lot more in the coming days. Documenting the no doubt incredibly mixed feelings of sadness to leave behind a life that I really, really liked and some of the best people I’ll no doubt ever meet, with the palpable excitement about starting tomorrow’s bold new adventure!

5/13/13 – It feels like a lifetime ago.

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  1. Congrats! Good luck in whatever you do! Are they interviewing for your position? 🙂 j/k (actually let me know!)

  2. Great way to organize how you think about your life. It also sounds better than the other way of thinking about storylines: beginning, middle, and end! For me, Act I is growing up through college graduation; Act II was my time in the Federal Government; Act III is my transition to the private sector and the West Coast.

    Here's to Acts IV-XL for both of us! R

  3. Ha, man. I have had a draft ready of mine. only I named it as Innocent kid ( till school), wild adoloscense ( till college), Angry Young ( till marriage ), loaner with a family ( till now). I just held back from posting because details of wild adoloscense are too wild and several characters are still around. so when i post mine don not accuse of of plagarism.

    I look forward to reading the anecdotes of yours.

    And congratulations for the move. Best of luck.

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