I think the last movie review I wrote was for the high school paper. In honor of having just seen a sneak preview for the movie “The Kingdom” tonight, and since it doesn’t open until the end of September, I thought it would be fun to add mine.

The Kingdom is a must-see. The action is pulse-pounding. The jokes hit almost perfectly. The drama is smart, and not forced. The factual context for the movie appears to be pretty on point.

Tangent: On vacation last week, I read the book Through Our Enemies Eyes, an analysis of bin laden and terrorism written by the former head of the CIA’s bin laden unit. An amazing, eye-opening book. Republican or Democrat, the book shatters the perceptions you (likely) held on the “War on Terror” and the Middle East. Given this immersion into the Middle East, and the analysis of jihad and terror, the movie likely resonated all the more.

Since I’m on a Mid-East kick right now anyway (partially research for my book), I’m probably also delighted that more movies are coming out that will make people wonder a little more about what’s going on over there. I’m shocked every day at how little we understand about the region, our involvement, and where it seems to going. Well, I guess I shouldn’t be shocked. Every time I read something new, I’m shocked at how little I knew before. The political dialogue we’re exposed to in this country are typically around inane soundbites and petty issues. Serious foreign policy and domestic policy nuance hardly gets discussed. It’s not understood. And that’s pretty crazy considering we have to live with the consequences…

Given that this is devolving into a rant, I’m going to end the post and if I can post a proper movie review later, I will. Maybe this is why I haven’t written a movie review in over a decade! I suck at them.

5/13/13 – I definitely shouldn’t write movie reviews.

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  1. So does Through Our Enemies Eyes look at how we supplied Bin Laden with weapons to overthrow governments, or more at just their way of thinking?

    It looks at the entire history of bin laden, and does cover the time we were "allied" with him against the Soviets. Really good book.

  2. The general impression we Indians have on most Americans is that they are pretty ignorant of the goings on anywhere out side their city. The American administration has time and again propped up worst kind of dictators, nurtured radical militant groups like Taliban for short tern American interests. It may be a surprise to Americans that Operation Iraq Liberation ( OIL) is going on and on with more and more body bags coming back, but the rest of the world has expected it. You are right in pointing out that serious foreign policy issues are never debated in the US.

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