To date, I haven’t  posted any of the radio, newspaper, or tv coverage that’s found it’s way to me since The Apprentice. Mostly because it was all so random and I never really found it that interesting. But Advertising Age just announced their “40 under 40” list, and I’m quite honored (and surprised) to be on it!

Professional recognition aside, I have a personal reason to be stoked. I first started reading Ad Age about 7 years ago when I worked at DiversityInc. I used to leaf through it and think about how cool it would be to one day work at some of the companies mentioned and to meet the people in the stories. The fact is, I now work at one of the most frequently written-up companies and just got one of those honors is beyond surreal.

If you’ve come to the site because Ad Age was kind enough to link to my blog (thanks, guys!), I’d like to recommend (SoM) . This blog is mostly personal musings, while SoM will focus on what I see as interesting marketing with a focus on new media stories.

Oh and the quote that they refer to in the Ad Age article is from this random post.

5/13/13 – I still remember the day the email popped up on my Blackberry from Ad Age letting me know this was probably going to happen. Despite dealing with “the fame” of The Apprentice, I was more excited about this.

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  1. So THIS is the list I choose my future hubby from, hmm? I choose the pixel guy – I can see our future house now, ad space being sold based on shingles instead of pixels.

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