i just spent nearly an hour looking for a mallet in my condo. It’s not a very big mallet. Nor a big condo. Yet it’s lost.

Why do I own and need a mallet in the first place? My answer to that question is much less interesting than just letting the fact that I own one, lost it, and spent an hour looking for it.

Don’t worry. I was talking to Ben just now and found it.

And the site has a new look.

5/11/13 – This post was obviously an excuse to test the new blog look. Mallets?

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  1. Ha ha. Yes, yes. Ben didn't design this. Though he did make that logo in the upper left-hand corner. I stole it off a mock-up he sent me.

    Doug- thanks for the feedback. I'm going to let it marinate for a few days. I might go back to the old version. Thanks for still reading as well! I know I need to post more!

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