So: I saw Europe. Or 4 amazing cities in Europe anyway: Berlin, Barcelona, Rome, and Paris. And they were…amazing!

Part of the reason I wanted to take this trip is because almost exactly a year ago, I was filming The Apprentice. I left for LA at the end of May last year and got back mid-July. I thought this was a great way to mark that strange one year anniversary.

I’ve got a bunch of random entries on the trip which follow each day. And since I’ve been away for so long, I’m also going to publish a list of what I’ll post over the next few weeks.

1) I’ll post for about a week or so on my trip to Europe– random recaps, reflections and a few photos.
2) Then I’m going to move on to some…yeah, you guessed it, Apprentice thoughts. Now that the show is buried, and it all feels like forever ago, I’ll post my  thoughts on the show. From the overall experience, to an episode by episode telling of some interesting tidbits never before revealed. I still get emails nearly weekly requesting “my side”, while it won’t be that, hopefully it’ll be an interesting set of posts.
3) Then I’m going to cross-post a few of the kick-off entries for here. This will also ensure that I don’t neglect that blog. I think it can be amazing if I get it some momentum and build a community.
4) If that ambitious agenda holds up, I’m going to kick off one more blog. This one will be the most frequently updated and is a spin-out of this one. If I get all the way down to #4 on this list, suryasays will totally become my personal blog and will focus more on random thoughts, and what’s going on in my life. Anyway, I think 90% of the audience will like this top-secret blog if it ever launches.

OK– the daily posting started just now, and continues tomorrow!

5/11/13 – Spoiler: I don’t think I did anything on this list. Oh well.

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  1. Well i shall be looking forward to see that blog!!In India your show is being telecasted now and we are still on the EIGTH week but thanks to the world wide web i already am aware of the sneak peaks to come in the following weeks.Its very nice to see an Indian in the The Apprentice and i hope i can make it there one day…..very nice and inspiring!!Keep Rocking!! 🙂

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