I’m back from Europe! It was amazing. I’d like to post a slew of thoughts about the trip, reflections on traveling, etc. But right now, I want to post about the TV show, LOST!

I barely watch TV. With the exception of being forced to watch The Apprentice, I only regularly watch LOST. A few years ago I watched zero TV, but LOST changed all that. For me, LOST is event programming at its best and I’m glued to the TV every Wednesday night. My addiction is so bad that despite being on my dream European vacation, I badly craved the LOST season finale. I tried to watch it online, but abc.com blocks foreign IP addresses from streaming the show. But somewhere in Barcelona I managed to recover from my LOST-withdrawal.

I just finished watching that season finale. (All 2-hours!) And I L O V E D it. So this blog entry is a love letter to those things in our life, which though they’re trivial, produce simple bliss. I love the show for the deep character profiles and nuanced storytelling. The frustrating clues and slowly unfolding mystery. The brilliant acting. Oh, and did I mention the character development? In its totality, watching LOST is an experience. Not a TV show. The reason I stopped watching TV is because it felt like wasted time. At the end of the program, I’d immediately regret how I had just spent that time. Not the case for me w/LOST.

ABC recently announced that they were going to do 3 more seasons of the show, 16 episodes per season. Next February it’ll kick off again and I’ll get 4 months straight. Eight months away! Eek. Absence makes the heart grow fonder I suppose.

Are there any other Losties out there? Do you agree that the season finale was ridiculously incredible? If you don’t watch the show- how can I convince you? Maybe if I said that the first episode of the show might be the single greatest TV episode I’ve ever seen? Or that season one might be the single greatest season of a show ever? OK– that honor might be tied with The Wire season one. HBO sure knows how to make shows! (Entourage is a favorite DVD– after we filmed The Apprentice, the firees made it a Sunday ritual to watch the show together last summer. Fun memory.)

5/11/13 – I remember this finale. It was the flash-forward, which blew my mind. Reading this entry reminded me of May 2010. I had just shocked everyone paying attention to win my primary. I got home at like 3AM and couldn’t sleep. I was still adrenaline-fueled. I ended up watching LOST (season finale, I think) and not going to bed until like 4 or 5AM. As I wrote in this entry, the character portraits just really got to me. It’s the flaws that make you love them. Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Jin, etc – I loved those guys. The science-fiction angle, in the end, I thought sucked. But the characters are so rich. In retrospect though, The Wire is my favorite show ever. But LOST will always have a special place in my heart. At its best, it was more literature than TV drama.

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  1. Man – you don't know what a LOST geek I am! Check out my LOST website at: http://oceanicworldair.com My alter-ego (or is that secret identity?) of Vincent D. (yup the D stands for Dog) Madison runs the airline and I am in the middle of our 4th ARG (Alternate Reality Game) based on LOST. (Hey – we geeks gotta pass the hiatus somehow!) I totally agree that the Pilot Episode was likely the best TV ever. I am pleased that they have defined a set run and ending as a show like LOST does not deserve to go on and on to become diluted and boring.

  2. I am a big lost fan too. The show is far ahead of its time. It's esoteric yet interesting at the same time. I believe some of the recent story may be related to the quantum physics view of the world described in the recent movie, What the bleep do we know. If you watch the first desmond flashback episode, there is some mention of quantum physics theory when Donovan, Desmond's Indian scientist friend is walking down the stairs.

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