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Got back from San Francisco last night. I had a ton of fun: great weather (if but a tad bit chilly), great food, and great people.

Special thanks to Corey, Jared, and Noah for showing me around a little and treating me to wonderful meals! The hospitality of the Bay is awesome.

Corey is a recent Berkeley grad who is rocking the VC world. You talk to him and it’s easy to think you’re talking to a valley veteran. But despite working in the Valley for years, he’s only 21. From starting companies, to seemingly knowing every angel and VC in the Valley– Corey’s a smart and great guy. Though the Chicken wasn’t an “8” spice-level, dinner was awesome– thanks, Corey!

Jared is 19 and is working on a top-secret start-up. Read this profile of him and you’ll realize why I don’t need to use any superlatives to describe him– he’s simply brilliant. I didn’t buy after all– but thanks again, Jared!

Noah is a Valley celebrity. Every single person I know, seems to know him. He’s been blogging for years, has a huge following, has worked at amazing places like Facebook, started companies in college, puts on conferences and is a rock star. Why is he a rock star? He sleeps on people’s couches every single night. I think Noah should have his own reality TV show. Dude, that coffee cake was sick. That’s my new favorite breakfast place– thanks, Noah!

Anyway, aside from this being my personal “thank you” card blog entry, I did want to post a thought. It’s really interesting how a city can have such a personality. When I think of the Bay area and the Valley, I picture young people dreaming up amazing things, working like crazy to make them happen, and helping each other along the way. All three of my friends who I met up with are testaments to all three– it of course begs the question: are they like that because they live there and it’s rubbed off on them, or were they drawn to the area because these are their ethos? Probably a little of both. Anyway, a fun few days in the Bay!

What a cool city! I feel guilty, as if I’m cheating on the love of my native east coast…

4/30/13 – ha! I remember my first few trips out here back when I didn’t realize how cold it was and everything was still shiny and new šŸ™‚

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  1. Damn Surya. Flattery will definitely get you far. It was a great and memorable breakfast for me as well. I hope you will come back with more 'special' stories to share with me:)

  2. Surya You rock, whats funny I didn't know you were from Cincinnati, I missed the first episode. when everyone was giving you crap I thought it was unjustified. when you were fired I found out through the news where you were from, I thought maybe I was cheering for you because somehow you cosmicly can spot hometown homies without ever knowing it.

    Ok enough of this crazy talk, do you think you'll be on the apprentice for Round Two?

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