My blog was down for  ~a week. I was away in NJ last week and when I returned, it took me a bit to notice. I never realized how weird it felt for this blog to not be there. The emails from the contact form stopped coming in, there were no comments for me to look at, and when I had a thought for a post– there was nothing. It was like an abandoned city or something.

I felt like I had somewhere I was supposed to be, and I was a no-show. I thought about the people who were showing up and greeted with nothingness. Anyway, it was strange to me, because I never quite realized how much having this blog became a part of my life. Anyone else have a similar experience?

Sorry it was down. Some kind of confusing technical error!

4/30/13 – These days, I basically only remember this is here ~4 times a year. Things change, I guess.

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  1. Seemed to show up fine to me.

    But yeah, your blog tends to grow on you after a while. Every time you come across something interesting in your day, you automatically think "Hey, this'd make a GREAT blog entry!" Not so good when you're a medic and you blank out in front of your patient like JD from Scrubs.

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