In NYC this week for work. The frosty mix of weather this morning reminded one of the reasons why I love this place so much. It can’t be stopped, only slowed. Despite gobs of snow and sleet heavily falling, the city soldiers on.

At first I admired how workgoers still packed the streets despite the harsh conditions. It might be a bad winter storm, but not enough to halt daily life.

Then I saw that stores were still getting their regular supply deliveries. Life as usual.

Before noon the massive shoveling and salting operations started everywhere! The city was not just persevering but striking back to improve it’s state.

Then, gasp, I saw the ultimate sign of New York. Construction. A few blocks off of Times Square, new construction was underway with the workers ignoring the massive snow coming down on their hard hats. Amazing. The city was building for tomorrow, even while today sucked. I thought it perfectly captured all that I love about this place.

It reminded me of NYC right after 9/11. My college roommate and I came into the city to volunteer on 9/14. The streets were deserted. But as we neared one of the FEMA sites near the convention center, it was absolutely jammed. New Yorkers were out in full force: Young to old, construction networks next to investment bankers, all there to do whatever they could. NYC has heart. It always moves forward.

3/1/13 – I remember this day. I haven’t spent a lot of time in NY in the past few years, but I still love the city. Reading this brought a smile to my face.

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  1. The news would really be if the city stopped. We did a few years back when there was a really bad blizzard, and THAT was actually remarkable and beautiful. I still have the picture of someone on cross-country skies going down a deserted Fifth Avenue.

    Our architecture never looks as beautiful as when its under a new blanket of snow.

    Are you in NYC for a Trump project, by any chance? 😉

  2. which city does not have a heart? i mean, i lov your love for the place, but, c'mon. you can replace that nyc with any other city. for e.g: bombay, delhi, la, chicago

  3. Filmiholic– fair point! I think I remember that storm. And no, I'm not here to see the big guy : )

    Yugan- I see your point. But all the cities you name are large cities with identities. Think of all the other cities in America that aren't "first-tier" destinations. They show no where near the resiliency that major metro areas tend to. And yeah, you're right, I've only really been wed to NYC and have never spent enough time anywhere else to fall in love with those cities.

  4. Complicated and lengthy last name, sure, but it also sounds kinda funny. To me anyways. Yalamanchili = Yelling/Yodeling Man Chili? Salamander Chili? 🙂 (No offense!) Anyway if I have the correct pronunciation in mind ("yah-lah-mahn-CHIL-ee"?), then the name rolls off the tongue quite nicely. I must say I'm also slightly fascinated with it. What does it mean?

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