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I ran for Congress, was on reality TV, was once a brand manager, and have worked at various startups. I just finished my book. I'm active on Twitter. Full bio here.

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May 2008


tv announcers.

dear jeff van gundy, Thank You. I’ve watched so many playoff games recently. I’ve been enjoying it, but most of all it’s reminded me how terrible so many of the announcers on TV are. That is, all of them, except you. So why am I such a fan? I mean, after all, I thought you […]


telling it like it is.

Dear Barack Obama, Unlike most politicians, if you actually tells it like its…we’re going to be cool. My official position is non-partisan and I’m working hard to not endorse any individual candidate. This position has been honed through years of painful political arguments about candidates (specifically 2004). Bickering doesn’t work. I just ended up making […]


dude, stop digging.

Via eotw. Chris Matthews freaking out aside, what a point: how many of these talking heads reference terms, events, etc that they actually have no clue about? (the background on this is Bush, overseas, seemingly calling out Obama as an appeaser.)


google go next.

Good article on fortune.com by Adam Lashinsky on where Google goes from here. Definitely worth a read. It’s a fascinating question. Google was started by smart guys with a good idea. They stumbled into a helluva advertising model that printed money based on intent (goto.com actually invented it). Google then used these funds to build […]



There’s a short-piece (but impressive as a 2-page spread in the mag) about Jhumpa Lahiri and her new book in Time this week. Lahiri is one of my favorite authors. I loved Interpreter of Maladies¬† and my mom liked it even more. The Namesake was almost a spiritual experience for me. I read it straight […]


zakaria @ newsweek.

Fareed Zakaria has a helluva cover story for the latest Newsweek. I’m probably biased because his article overlaps massively with the book that I’ve feebly been attempting to write. The article is sensationally titled “The Post-American World”, but the substance of the article is actually decidedly optimistic. I’ve been writing since December of 2006 and […]