TECH: Starting in 1996, when I learned how to make ugly websites, I’ve been kind of obsessed. As I high-schooler I drooled over every issue of my subscription to The Industry Standard and fantasized about moving to Silicon Valley. I worked full-time during college at a small startup where I signed up as one of Google’s first advertisers in 2000 (sent our text ads via Excel spreadsheets!). I’ve since worked at LinkedIn and Groupon, the VC, Greylock, was CEO of PublicStuff (sold in 2015), and now consult to a bunch of venture backed startups. Hoping to start a new one soon.

POLITICS: Ran for Congress in 2010. Despite a 5:1 cash disadvantage and a 12 month late start, I won the Democratic primary. Then I was crushed in November election as part of the tea-party wave. But I did get to debate a congresswoman on TV, which was very cathartic. I was the only federal candidate that year to refuse all PAC money and my campaign is featured prominently in this documentary. In January 2016 I wrote Decoding the Donald about why Trump should be taken seriously. This was partially informed by my experiences on his game show, The Apprentice in 2006. I sometimes show up in places like Politico, MSNBC, and CNN to talk this stuff.

FINANCE: I’ve been investing the money I made doing tech stuff in the stock market since 1997. The odd up year aside, I did *very* poorly from 1997-2007. I gave my savings to professional managers from 2008-2010. Starting in 2012, I focused on investing again, this time adding in options. For the last five years, my portfolio has  ~2x’ed the SPX. The blend of interpreting sentiment, analyzing business strategy, and regulating emotion is something, aside from being profitable, I really enjoy.

OTHER: Grew up in NJ, Rutgers grad, and have lived across the country since: Cincy, Chi, & SF. Now live in the lower corner of the LES in Manhattan. Love reading, films, TV, NBA playoffs, and sometimes the Mets.