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Fareed Zakaria has a helluva cover story for the latest Newsweek. I’m probably biased because his article overlaps massively with the book that I’ve feebly been attempting to write. The article is sensationally titled “The Post-American World”, but the substance of the article is actually decidedly optimistic.

I’ve been writing since December of 2006 and am currently on my third restart. At first, everything I wrote was atrocious. Then it improved, but was ridiculously dry. I’m now trying to bridge good and readable. I’d be ok with a casual style: If it read like a hundred pages of blog posts. But writing in general has proven to be way harder than almost anything I’ve ever done. What keeps me constantly attempting to still write? It’s articles like this. They’re total validation of the topic and the way I’m looking at what’s coming. I’ve been writing for a little under two years, and in that time, book after book, and article after article has come out that reinforces that the next 25+ years are going to be staggering. For America, China, India, and the world at large. We are, no doubt, living through monumental change. What’s interesting and infuriating is the degree to which my government has been alternating between ignoring what’s going on or actually exacerbating the long-term negative consequences to the American people. Anyway, I’m hoping to have a strong start to revision number 3 and get back to a rapid-fire delivery schedule on the sections. We’ll see…

And as a side-note, I’m sure everyone has seen Iron Man. Amazing. It’s just a rip-roaring fun movie: It’s witty, fast-paced, sharp, and action-packed…I want to see it again. You got to see it.

5/27/13 – 2012 was eventful for a bunch fo reasons, one of them was finally writing the book. It involved starting all over, but I’m glad it’s behind me. Maybe someday I’ll think about another one.

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From the left (and be taken w/grain of salt): “the myth of the surge”

A good piece on the current (and future investment market)…mirrors a lot of my sentiments: “shape of the future”

The New Yorker on “the news business

some good ones!


reading: uncle ben & nuclear power.

NY Times Magazine on our Fed Chief, Ben Bernanke. Arguably one of the most critical jobs in the world right now.

Since nuclear power is coming up frequently in the elections– here’s an old, but great read from Fortune.


reading: google

New Yorker on Google. You can’t read enough on this company.

News Politics reading

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The Iowa caucuses provided my amusement for the week along with a roommate viewing of a partial episode of Celebrity Apprentice. Here’s the weekly reading:

Rudy Giuliani and the complexity of his run.
Really interesting stuff.

I’ve called it the best show on TV. Well, I love both LOST and The Wire. But the latter premiers this Sunday. If I could make everyone I know, care about, and respect watch one show, it would be The Wire.
Time Mag talks about the coming premier. (short read)

The New Yorker dives into what The Wire is all about (looong but immensely pleasurable)