Healthy campaign; Sick government.

I just finished reading Double Down: Game Change 2012. It’s a tick-tock of the last presidential election.  As you might expect from someone who ran for Congress (and is a geek), I’m fascinated by the behind-the-scenes stuff. (Yes, recommended for those w/a similar mindset.) One of the sharpest points in the book was just how finely-tuned the […]

financial services reading.

Lots of disturbing, horrifying, and bizarre facts out there about the state of the financial services sector of our economy. One of my all-time favorite writers, Michael Lewis, has a great piece on AIG in Vanity Fair. Much more controversially, Matt Taibbi, in Rolling Stone posts a searing indictment of uber-bank Goldman Sachs. Almost must […]

2 hours of pain and bliss.

Below are some of the more interesting articles I’ve found over the past month. Not sure if it adds up to 2 hours of reading, but it sounded like a good title to me. Why pain? Because reading some of these articles made my blood boil and indignation rage. After avoiding these kinds of articles […]

manufacturing customers.

“…the future of business lay in its ability to manufacture customers as well as products.” That’s a quote from an advertising trade publication from the early 1900’s referencing mass production and the shift from scarcity to abundance. It also struck me as what’s often missed about advertising. Advertising has two (simplified) central components: 1) To […]

a better stimulus plan?

I meant to post on this last week when Friedman’s op-ed in the NYT hit, Start Up the Risk-Takers. Friedman, not surprisingly, beats up on the US autos among others, and says that instead of giving them more money, we should instead turn to venture capital. He proposes giving the top VC’s (top 20%) a […]

the rebirth of the long.

Up on the Tom Peters site there’s a good note on the “Generation Gap.” The idea is that his generation was handed a functioning business world with solid fundamentals, and that they took it created a world of stilts, which the current generation has now been bequeathed. Today those stilts are being knocked down and […]

there will be consistency.

I look around every day and what I see often depresses me. It’s what I fear is still to come. Consistency. In the past consistency meant things getting better, people making more money, things thriving. What I fear, and what I see around me are models failing every where around me. What am I talking […]

america and her car companies.

This was a sloppy, not-as-coherent-as-should-be post, and so I’ve rewritten it. We have a lot to be pissed off about. Literally trillions of dollars of (in theory) taxpayer money are being given to corporations to “bail them out.” This after years of lush profits, exorbitant bonuses, and executives living like it was the gilded age. […]

the laundry list in my head.

Here’s a laundry list of what’s been bouncing around in my head the past few days. 1) Obama likely ran the best campaign in history. From approaching the campaign with a data-based decision making process, thinking through weakness and strengths and letting this guide a communications/tactical strategy, a consistent (reassuring) image and message to voters, […]

romney on autos.

Romney has a good op-ed that cuts right to it. Here’s another great one. While that’s sad, it at least gives you hope for the future. This just freaks me out. Sigh, this and everything else seems to be going wrong in the country/world. I’d ask for it to end, but these days when I […]