How The Apprentice made Donald Trump president. – I’ve made this point in a few web articles, TV appearances, and my 2015 book on Trump. A fascinating, frustrating read that nicely sums up the state of politics today.

Apple’s China problem To understand this week’s big Apple stock news, you should start with this old Stratechery article. It nails how China could just drop by this much (and why that isn’t likely, yet, for the US). Not covered, but also interesting, are the implications for global firms of dependency on China given the Chinese gov’ts willingness to deploy all available tools to achieve their strategic aims.

Trump’s war approach is not bad? Taibbi is an old favorite and he’s now the rare voice to support Trump’s sudden “plan” to withdraw troops from the middle east. I find much to agree with here. Goes without saying: the erratic and callous nature of Trump’s manner, totally sucks.