Thanks to everyone who pinged me with their thoughts on topics for here (per my last post). I also had some time to think about what I actually *wanted* to write about. I’ve got a bunch of topics that I’ve written down that I’ll be rapid-fire turning into posts in the coming days. Now might be the time to unsubscribe if you haven’t been entertained yet! As my professors used to say at Rutgers: Publish or perish!

On another note, I was struck again today by how great traveling is for me. Why? One of the main things that turns a mundane, one-day turnaround business trip into something great is the alone time. Being outside of all your normal surroundings, around new stimulus, and usually being alone gives me the perfect setting to listen to the voices in my head. When I was on the plane I was able to process feedback people sent me and the things bouncing around in my head and turn them in a few handfuls of topics I wanted to blather about more. I’ve also found this to be true about training sessions, team offsites, working from coffee shops, etc. Just the act of breaking my routine unleashes *so* many new ideas and insights that it’s amazing.

So, this is me, recommending to you to break your daily routine and let that mind wander. I’ve known what an impact it has on me for about ~8 years now and I’ve neglected to cultivate it. Don’t make the same mistake! Off to grab dinner in Phoenix.

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