Once you get a fancy iPhone, the next thing you get are some apps. I’m testing one of the apps, wordpress, right now. Blogging from the iPhone? I guess between facebook, twitter, email and blogging from the phone, we’re free to over-communicate. I suppose this is my contribution.

On another note, though excited to be heading back east, I’m not sure about the -50 degree temperature change.

Since this is being typed on a plane, I thought that I’d observe that i think continental is the beat run of the major domestics. Free food, good service, and (cross my fingers) typically on time departures. More evidence to me that nailing the basics is the building blocks of effective marketing.

(edit: wow…the formatting was bizzare. i’ll have to figure that out before posting future entries)

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  1. Well it is only normal that I use my iphone to respond to a blogger that happens to be blogging about his iphone. Since you last posted about the Iphone I got the chance to ‘upgrade’ from my BB Curve and I haven't regretted it for a second. The only downside to the Iphone I guess would have to the battery life, but I find that if I don't leave the 3G and the Push on I am able to have 1 1/2 day of constant usage uninterrupted. Enjoy the cold weather, I am a Canadian living in Miami and I would trade my cargo shorts and sunny weather for snow and a large overcoat 🙂

    1. Ha ha. Glad you're also having a good iPhone experience. Yeah, I also turned off push ( but leave 3g ) and get a whole day. There are some good pointers on taking care of your iPhone battery on the apple iPhone site. The biggest one to me:Try and keep the battery charged in a range of 20-80%. That means recharge before it gets to red.The other was that it's best to not leave it plugged in once fully charged.Sent from my iPhone

  2. Apple released its iPhone 2.2.1 software update Tuesday — but don't get too excited. The update includes mainly fixes and minor improvements, and no signs of any noteworthy new features. Can someone cue the collective sigh of disappointment?

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