I love having a blog. It’s great to have an outlet for stray thoughts that I want to share. It’s great for deep conversations that I want to have with someone, but I’m not sure who. It’s great for staying in touch– it’s amazing how close, as a reader, I can feel to an author of a blog, just by keeping up. There are friends who I don’t get to talk to regularly, but via their blog, I’m able to to feel like I’m keeping up with their life and how they’re thinking about things.

But having a blog can also feel like hard work. Or at least the way I’m doing it. Until now I’ve stuck to a strategy of never really mentioning anything that happens in my life. It’s like I’ve put up a wall between my daily life and this blog. I’m considering tearing that wall down and posting on whatever random thoughts I have, and if that means typing about a conversation I had that day, or a decision I’m mulling over, etc– then it’s going to be a post. I can use your help though, if you felt like the blog was previously interesting and compelling, and think I’ve totally jumped the shark, then please let me know.

My new “editorial policy” entails: more random, frequent, shorter posts occasionally about my daily life that are hopefully more interesting. Let me know!

5/11/13 – I took keeping a blog super-seriously six years ago!

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