I graduated from college a tad bit too early for social networking. Facebook wasn’t a twinkle in Zuck’s eye when I was in college, and Friendster wasn’t really even up yet. But being a tech-groupie I joined Friendster probably in 03/04. Then MySpace. And then, once I found my rutgers alumni email password, Facebook.

What’s been most interesting to see is how quickly they’ve come and gone. Friendster was sizzling. Then died. MySpace was then the hottest thing ever for a few years. Now, all I hear about is Facebook. I’ve been actively using both Facebook and Myspace daily over the past year, and now clearly prefer one to the other. If I never had to log-in to MySpace again, I’d be thrilled. It’s filled with spam, people’s songs blasting from their profile, and hideous looking pages. Facebook is prettier and more real. Anyway, is MySpace over? Is Facebook hot for now, but waiting for the “next” one to come take its place? What do you think? Email me!

5/11/13 – A Facebook and LinkedIn to rule them all.

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  1. I think the Facebook fad will pass too (as much as I love it right now!) They're being innovative, what with the Applications and all, but I'm sure there will be another guy around the corner with cooler ideas. But until then, I'll enjoy that it lets me avoid the headache of MySpace!

  2. hah I use both and I like both- but facebook is hilarious with the "jackie is…" or "jackie went from being in a relationship to single…" lol and instantaneously when I make some kind of change on my profile the entire world knows about it and calls me…esp. it involves a guy…lol. I know I can hide it, but it's kind of funny to see what is on people's minds…and all those crazy groups you can join. There's a group that I am in just for people with my last name. Insanity, I tell you. Suddenly I could I have long-lost family in Illinois I never knew I had.

    Surya, you apparantly are not in New York City as much as I would like you to be. I think we still owe each other coffee. 🙂

  3. I've had a LiveJournal for six years and have basically been undisturbed the whole time. They had a bit of a tussle last month, but it didn't really affect me. I think what makes it so peaceful is that only paid account holders get to really play with the styles, which keeps the 13-year-old "artists" away.

  4. Yeah – I think they are all either passing fads or will be surpassed by something newer and cooler. As with everything, they have good and bad. Facebook in particular has connected me to communicate more with cousins on the west coast and the U.S. that I would not have talked to, as well as put me in touch with people from high school. On the other hand, the more I am in front of the computer 'talking' to people I might not otherwise talk to, is time not being spent with family or relaxing or enjoying the great outdoors. It's all about balance, but unfortunately they can be addicting 🙂

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