I want to have little babies with The New Yorker. The New Yorker is fantastic.

Long thoughtful articles. What’s missing from like practically everything today, is depth. We skim the surface and boil stories down to simple truths and neat little tales. Without nuance, the story is typically robbed of all truth in the process. Life’s not simple and neither are people or stories. I love the New Yorker because it usually doesn’t just simplify. It doesn’t resort to un-complicating. Or at least I don’t think so.

I first had a feeling that I fell in love with the New Yorker many years ago with this Al Gore article. (The story is no longer free on the Web, so I link to an excerpt). And each week, they dive into new topics and open the world to new possibilities. I absolutely love the New Yorker. And I humbly suggest that you should love it too.

Try this article on LA mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Good stuff. I’m reading it now. Yeah, it’s long!

4/30/13 – Still love TNY!