The Facts:
In 2 weeks I’ll have 9 free days in Europe . I’ve never been. I want to have fun. I start in Berlin and depart from Paris.

The Questions:
Where should I go? What should I see? Flights? Eurail? Hostels? Hotels?

Email, call, or use the comments.


4/30/13 – My first real travel! I definitely caught the bug on this trip and remain infected. To backpack and travel the world is definitely on my list.

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  1. Cambridge! Cambridge, England! Cambridge, England, the United Kingdom!

    (Am I making this clear enough?)

    Heh. Patriotism aside, you would have to be a Neanderthal not to visit Rome. The life-changingly beautiful Vatican aside, the city's crawling with great architecture. (And public transport's free. Well, it operates on trust, but the buses don't have conductors). And of course, with Rome come the Italian compulsories: Pisa, Florence, Milan and Venice. Take the train, the stations are easier to navigate than buses (but try not to take the Eurostar unless you have money to burn).

    And of course, there's good ol' England. And historic places like Cambridge. (Don't believe the baloney and go to Oxford. Waste of time, really. Cough.)

  2. Hostels – Hostels – Hostels
    While I've never been, getting on the ground is a fine place to view the rest of us. Take a hike. While on the foot path, look inside.


  3. When I was young (my dad was in the Air Force) I lived in Germany and England. My mom is English and I still have many relatives in England. As a result I get to England every four or so years. Obviously London is a great place to go. It is personally one of my favorite cities, although over the last 15 years it has become very Americanized. I swear there is a Starbucks and Bath and Body Works on every other corner. Apart from that you can still get a sense of the weath of history in the city. To the south of England is a town that is nearer and dearer to my heart because that is where my Nana lives. The town is Battle and that is where the Battle of Hastings was. It is also called 1066 country. There are many incredible ruins and also some intact castles. Close to Hastings is a town called Rye. Cobblestone streets are abound and it also has a hotel/pub called the Mermaid Inn. I think that the Inn dates back to the 16th Century. It is so old, in fact, that the door to get into the pub is only about five and a half feet high. This is partly due to the fact that people were shorter 500 years ago. It is a great place to have a drink and imagine what things may have been back then. Hastings is also down by Battle and there are some great places to visit there. They have pirate caves and the best Fish and Chips in all of England. Oh yeah, it is an easy train ride down there from London.

    Getting out of England I would also recommend Belgium and Germany. I have foggier memories of both because I was so young when I lived there. What I can remember is how friendly the people were, how beautiful the countryside was, and how incredible the castles were.

    I am going to be planning a trip to mainland Europe in a few years when my son is old enough to appreciate the countries over there. I think that for traveling in England you can easily get by traveling by train and bus. As for mainland Europe train is ok, but you may want to rent a car for at least a few days to see what you cannot when traveling by train. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I am by no means Rick Steeves but when it comes to England, especially the south of England, I can probably be helpful.


  4. Hostels are scary. You get to share rooms with other wacky people and sometimes your things get stolen. The end.

  5. berlin is boring and dirty.
    so is paris.

    my favorite city in germany: rothenburg
    if you make it to austria…salzburg is amazing.

    use the website for hotels
    its so easy to use and every single one i booked was awesome.

  6. I agree with Jennn that Salzburg is amazing. Prague is also worth seeing. If you make it to the central Europe, you might like to visit Vienna (Austria), Bratislava (Slovakia) and Budapest (Hungary). These three cities lie quite close to each other. Despite of what the movie Hostel might suggest, Slovakia is a beautiful country, so dont let yourself be scared. Your problem is that you will have only 9 days in Europe…

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