It feels like just yesterday that I eagerly awaited the envelope. It held within the promise of all that was to come after. The envelope contained the name and phone number of my future roommate. It represented the next step of growing up, of moving on, of growing up.

After a few missed connections, we finally spoke on the phone. We talked for a few hours. Learned about each other’s past and what we were looking forward to in college.

In two days, I’ll fly back to New Jersey to be a groomsman in his wedding. We ended up not just being freshman year roommates, but chose to remain so for all four years. Since then he became a doctor, while I moved to Ohio. Considering how close we’ve remained, it’s a bit surreal to think about how it all started as a random match eight years ago.

It’s amazing how much certain things matter—your best friend getting married is one of those things.

Super-nostalgic as  I prepare to head out for his amazing day.

4/30/13 – Still best friends 🙂

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