Ever had a moment where you’re struck by how different what you’re doing is from your past? I’ve had those feelings a lot lately.

One of my memories from childhood is of Mom paying the bills a few times a month. She’d sit at the dining table and pull out a few envelopes and her checkbook and off they’d go. It never took that long, but it was long enough that I remember it as a concrete event, throughout growing up.

When I pay my bills it’s almost all online. It only takes a minute or two. All of my other bills are autopaid on my credit card. No checks. No stamps. No sitting at the table.

It’s not a big deal, and I never really thought too much about it, but it’s amazing how different it is. I wonder if when we tell our kids about writing checks it’ll sound as annoying and insane as when our parents told us how they had to walk everywhere through massive amounts of snow, etc as kids. Well, I never actually heard about my parents having to walk through 10 inches of snow, since you know, they grew up in India. But you get the idea.

4/28/13 – Wow, I really rambled.

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  1. Perhaps, it was not that long ago, while paying for my children’s future (college) there was no extra money at the end of the pay period. I to, am tempted to pay electronically; however, I feel I will loose sight of the every day cost of living. I rarely shop for food items; my wife was busy, and needing stuff for lunch, I went shopping at the grocery store. I was surprised at the increases, as I paid with my debit card. I want to go electronically, but looking at the bills each month still seems important.
    It use to be there was no extra money, and now when I find some, where do I get as good a return?

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