Tonight, the Rutgers Lady Scarlet Knights take on the Tennessee Volunteers for the NCAA Basketball Championship. The game starts in 20 minutes and I am pumped up.

Regardless of the outcome, the Lady Knights are already champs in my book. The team doesn’t have a senior on it and started the year terribly. It got so bad that their coach took  away their practice uniforms/gear because she said that they playing with their full effort and so didn’t deserve to wear “Rutgers” on the front of their uniforms. Players had to bring in their own gear and do their own laundry for a month

This same team, which no one gave a real chance, fought through one of the hardest paths to the finals in years. It’s a totally improbably turn of events. This team has heart. They’re intense and fight for every inch. I love it. They’re champions in my book already.

The way I look at it…I’m just calling it a few hours before the rest of the country notices. That’s all ‘winning’ is. The rest of the world noticing something that you’ve always known. Go RU!

3/28/13 – Another reason why I love sports. The Lady Vols rolled Rutgers in this game and Rutgers has been truly  mediocre in recent years – but this is a nice memory.

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  1. hm honestly as much as i am in favor of women's sports, I just can't bring myself to watch them… idea why -_- As for your winning theory, it's not about winning, losing, predictions, knowing, not knowing…everything is open to argument and if you argue correctly, you are never wrong (haha, line from Thank you for smoking film) 🙂 So, you have a flawed theory.

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