A future post will discuss my newfound hatred for Cincinnati’s Busken bakery. This post is all about the love. The love for Trader Joe’s.

Trader Joe’s keeps me from starving. I’ve gone there on and off over the past few years and have recently become addicted again. Why do I love it so? Let me count the reasons: the quality of the food…the low prices…the friendly staff…the clean orderly store…the variety of the goods…the convenience of the food! I love that almost everything in the store seems to be designed with peak-laziness in mind. Frozen pastas that I just need to throw in a pan and taste ridiculously good. Tasty indian dishes in a silver packet that just require submersion in boiling water. Frozen bread that I pop in the toaster oven. Pre-cut apples and mango slices in a bag. California rolls in a little box with wasabi sauce. The list doesn’t end.

The business geek in me also loves their elegantly efficient business model. I love trader joe’s. And I don’t want to get too excited, but I think she (Josephine) loves me too.

3/11/13 – Still love TJ’s. Headed there in 30 minutes, in fact. I’ve also forgiven Busken for towing my car. I should have been more aware of the signs 🙂

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  1. They really are a great business. It seems these days that natural, wholesome, ethnic, and exciting foods are all the rage. Everywhere else than trader joe's it means you need a thick wallet to be able to eat all of that on a daily basis, but trader joe's brings it within a price range that most middle class americans can afford. Unbelievably , trader joe's can outcompete most of the supermarket chains for their gourmet version of the same thing. Amazing, simply amazing.

  2. I've got to say that I tracked down your blog to see who this guy was that I had been prepared (by the media) not to like. Having read several of your posts, I am impressed by your integrity and thoughtful nature. I also understand a lot more after reading your (and Tim's) version of editing on The Apprentice. Thanks for sharing.

    And as a Cincinnati resident, I'm dying to know why you hate Busken! 🙂 I love those one dollar cake pieces. But I also love Trader Joe's. I grew up on the west coast where they're all over the place, and I'm happy to live so close to the Kenwood location. But really–why the Busken hatred?

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