Sometimes I love TV. Like today. I just saw Barton College beat Winona State in mens college basketball to win the D2 National Championship. It was unbelievable: Barton was the underdog of underdogs. Winona had an undefeated season and led for much of the game. I was drifting in and out of sleep, but caught the last couple minutes.

Down by 5, a young man named Anthony Atkinson got me so fired up and brought me back to my childhood and the excitement of watching Jordan win playoff games.

He scored his team’s last 10 points including three ridiculous layups/drives to the basket. The most beautiful part? After a series of improbable events put him at the free throw line with a chance to tie the game with seconds on the clock…he missed.

The game looked lost.

He hung his head, a look of utter sadness taking over his face. But then…

In the flash of an eye, a steal and, as time expired, he scores the game winning basket!

It felt like a testament to any battle never being over until you decide it is. Going into the tournament no one gave Barton a chance to win it all. No chance going into this game either. Then at the end of game, after coming so close, it looked like they blew it and the fairy-tale was over. But, still, they kept on going. And won.

That’s entertainment at it’s best: inspiring. Google News “barton college” or click here to read about it. Wow.

3/6/13 – I vaguely remember this game. I still love watching sports because while 99% of the time it’s fine and a time-kill, every now and then, you’re inspired.

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  1. I was there for their first Elite 8 game and Ant, as Anthony is known, pulled off any amazing shot from outside the NBA 3 point line at the buzzer. This kid was a serious clutch player. My friend works for the college. When they chant, "We Believe!' They mean it. He hit another in the clutch in their final four game. I saw him cry the first game and my friend, who was at the tournament the whole time, said he cried every time they won. They are an amazing team and I hope they get credit on Sportscenter and in Division II for being an amazing team. Ant should win the Cousy Award that he is nominated for this year.

  2. Yeah, he's my favorite player in college! I love it! This is sports at its purest– and I can't wait to see what he does next. If he ends up in the NBDL, I'll actually go to see him play. Ant for President!

  3. Did you watch The Traheels get whooped by Geaorgetown yesturday? The game went down to the wire which lead it to overtime, but Georgetown pulled away after that. It was a great game!

  4. Pablo beat me to it!

    Wow that finish…the steal and final layup…made me grin widely. I love an underdog kicking arse in that fashion.

    I'll bet that Winona player who lost the ball felt horrible. They didn't even have to do anything to win but protect the ball.

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