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I ran for Congress, was on reality TV, was once a brand manager, and have worked at various startups. I just finished my book. I'm active on Twitter. Full bio here.

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40 under 40!

To date, I haven’t  posted any of the radio, newspaper, or tv coverage that’s found it’s way to me since The Apprentice. Mostly because it was all so random and I never really found it that interesting. But Advertising Age just announced their “40 under 40” list, and I’m quite honored (and surprised) to be […]


Surya on Marketing: Facebook/MySpace

This post is from: Surya on Marketing (suryaonmarketing.com) I’m making a prediction. By the end of 2007, there will be a slew of mainstream media stories on Facebook vs MySpace. I further believe that they will have the tone that the previous MySpace vs Friendster stories had: breathless accounts of how Friendster (and this time, […]


Surya on Marketing: page views?

I’m going to cross-post this on suryasays.com and suryaonmarketing.com (SoM) I’m going to focus on two areas of marketing: general marketing fundamentals and technology marketing. To read why I’m doing this site, you’ll have to read the ABOUT page on SoM… Post follows… Page views? Page views? Every time I hear someone talk


facebook & myspace.

I graduated from college a tad bit too early for social networking. Facebook wasn’t a twinkle in Zuck’s eye when I was in college, and Friendster wasn’t really even up yet. But being a tech-groupie I joined Friendster probably in 03/04. Then MySpace. And then, once I found my rutgers alumni email password, Facebook. What’s […]


sheep, msm, & the sports illustrated curse!

The New York Times had this article over the weekend all about how online retailing is so over. Yesterday. Dead. Done. Well, maybe they didn’t proclaim it over, but they certainly were calling dibs on the rotting remains. Anyway, as soon as I saw this I was struck by what this meant. Well, let me […]


magazines, blogs, news, and my favorites.

Once upon a time, Business 2.0 was my favorite magazine. I loved reading about the hottest companies and ideas. There were great one-page articles on what’s hot and cool right now. It was filled with news about young people doing amazing things. It brimmed full of interesting ideas and tips. And that was awesome perspective and […]


npr or u2?

It takes me 3 minutes to get to work, which as it turns out, is basically my attention span anyway. As I drove to work yesterday I was listening to NPR discussing the state of the Iraqi government. So I’m hearing Iraqi’s talk about what’s actually happening in their country, about the state of “benchmarks” […]


got beer? the federation of domestic beer manufacturers.

Probably like you, I just finished watching the Super Bowl. Among a generally average crop of commercials there were the typically funny beer commercials. But, if you’re like me, moments after you see one, you’ll laugh and then struggle to remember which brand it was for. Therefore I propose that the domestic beer manufacturers give […]


gm & marketing. marketing? what’s that?

I preface this post with the caveat that we’re a huge GM family – both of my cars to date have been GM and almost everyone in my family buys American/GM. So this post is dripping with Love. GM’s marketing “strategy” makes me want to bang my head into a wall. Strategy is in quotes, […]